Hudvård är viktigt om man klättrar regelbundet och sliter på sina händer. Hittade den här artikeln på som avhandlar ämnet på ett bra sätt.

You train your heart, your lungs, your brain, and your muscles, but you won’t get far without the health and strength of your biggest organ: the cutis, Latin for a giant sack that keeps everything inside, otherwise known as your skin. It’s part of the integumentary system with your hair and nails, and this fickle and ever-changing body part is your primary connection to the rock and an important variable in your climbing experience. After 20 years of bouldering, I’ve gathered a set of guidelines on how to take proper care of your skin for climbing. Whether you’re blessed with hard, smooth calluses and tips, or plagued by constant shredding and splits, keep in mind these few basic tenets of preventive care and post-traumatic restoration.

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